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Online Casino

Title: Online Casino
Category: Casinos
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Listing added: Aug 23, 2009
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The intention appears to be the one stop shop, for all things related to online gambling. The home page displays a good selection of information that includes casino names, incentives to play, costs, and even reviews. The detail of information that pertains to relevant casino related topics is excellent. At a first glance, this web site looks like a must see for someone who wants to educate themselves about real casino games or participate in an online gambling game.

The basic layout of the web site is clean and simple, yet it is organized in the following sections: benefits of the website, free bonuses, site layout explanation, and a chart that shows which casinos will allow players to join from the United States and the United Kingdom. Some of the benefits of the website include a surplus of information on a wide range of online gambling topics, as well as tips on winning and explanations on various casino card games. The web site briefly covers a few monetary incentives to join different sites and it is lacking a lot of marketing information, which is a relief. There is a helpful chart at the top of the page that shows what countries can play, between the UK and the US, it tells what the incentive driven free bonus is and there is a system of ratings a reviews.

Online Casino Free is a great concept, but there are few areas that could use minor tweaking. First of all, more casinos listed, would create more options which will appeal to a larger audience of gamblers. There should be several reviews for each site and the ratings need to have some variation to make them look more authentic. A few well thought out pictures, that are unrelated to marketing, would give it a little more substance as well. Overall, this site is off to a strong start with plenty of future potential as well.
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Comment Author Michael / Jan 30, 2010
Thank you .. the reviews are really honest



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